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BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
2957-v5 BTeV Document Management and Control Eric Vaandering Organization
Web Pages & Tools
Change Control
19 Feb 2005
3578-v7 BTeV Project Value Management Tom Lackowski Management Plans/Organization
20 Dec 2004
2850-v16 Project Management Plan for the BTeV Project Joel N. Butler et al. Organization
Management Plans/Organization
Proposals & Reviews
11 Dec 2004
3294-v2 Draft BTeV Risk Management Plan BTeV Collaboration Management Plans/Organization
10 Dec 2004
3301-v10 Project Management System Description Michael A Lindgren Management Plans/Organization
08 Dec 2004
3010-v4 Template for BTeV Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) BTeV Collaboration Forms
08 Dec 2004
2947-v6 BTeV SOW template BTeV Collaboration Forms
01 Dec 2004
3576-v2 BTeV project August 2004 monthly report - #1 BTeV Collaboration Management Reports
18 Nov 2004
3631-v2 BTeV Project September 2004 Monthly Report BTeV Collaboration Management Reports
09 Nov 2004
3348-v1 C0 IR Lattice Change - BTeV PMG - 18aug04 P. Garbincius Change Control
18 Aug 2004

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