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Joe Howell of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
3458-v5 Mechanical & Integration Plenary Talk for Director's CD-2/3a Review C. N. Brown et al. None
27 Sep 2004
1596-v7 Pixel Detector Vacuum System Summary for Beams Division Joe Howell Pixels
26 Aug 2004
3123-v2 WBS 1.10 Stage Schedule Joe Howell Schedules
26 May 2004
2924-v6 Mechanical and Integration CD1 Plenary Talk C. N. Brown et al. General
21 Apr 2004
2835-v3 BTeV Mechanical and Integration Joe Howell None
30 Mar 2004
2605-v4 Schedule of Work at C0 (draft) Joe Howell CZero
26 Mar 2004
483-v4 C0 gas & cooling connections schematic Joe Howell Mechanical
06 Oct 2003
1513-v2 Sandwich Composite- Three-Point Bending Test for Composites with Rohacell & Fuzzy Carbon Cores C. N. Brown et al. Mechanical
15 Jan 2003
1097-v6 BTeV Silicon Detector Integration Issues Joe Howell et al. Pixels
25 Oct 2002
488-v3 Large Component Installation Steps C. N. Brown et al. General
26 Sep 2002
427-v5 C0 building photographs - October 2001 Joe Howell CZero
29 Jul 2002
430-v2 C0 Collision Hall Photographs (set 2, upper walls) - October 2001 Joe Howell CZero
29 Jul 2002
429-v2 C0 Collision Hall Photographs (set 1) - October 2001 Joe Howell CZero
29 Jul 2002

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