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The BTeV Detector

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Eric Vaandering
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Eric Vaandering
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18 Nov 2003, 06:26
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18 Nov 2003, 06:26
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28 Apr 2005, 14:14
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BTeV is an approved forward collider experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron dedicated to precision studies of CP violation, mixing, and rare decays of beauty and charmed hadrons. The BTeV detector has been designed to achieve these goals. Pixel detectors cover the interaction region and vertex computation is included in the lowest level trigger.
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  • PDF (EPS2003_proceedings.pdf, 331.5 kB)
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Published in hep-ex/0310056.
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held from 17 Jul 2003 to 23 Jul 2003 in Aachen, Germany
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Submitted to the proceedings for EPS
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