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A Web Based Document Database - Proceedings

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Eric Vaandering
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Eric Vaandering
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27 Apr 2003, 11:00
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30 Apr 2003, 11:21
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18 Jan 2005, 15:11
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We describe a document database, developed for BTeV, which has now been adopted for use by other collaborations. A single web based database and archival system is used to maintain public and internal documents as well as documents for a related collaboration. The database performs archiving, versioning, access control, and easy remote access and submission. We cover the technical and security requirements of the database and its implementation. Usage patterns, improvements in our collaborative style, and missteps along the way are also discussed.
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Published in hep-ex/0305086.
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held from 24 Mar 2003 to 28 Mar 2003 in La Jolla, CA
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To appear in proceedings of CHEP 2003
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