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Answer to P5 Question 1

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Sheldon Stone
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Sheldon Stone
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12 Mar 2003, 12:37
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20 Mar 2003, 07:37
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21 Mar 2003, 14:37
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12 Mar 2003, 12:37
The question 1. Physics goals, including measurements to be made. For each measurement, what is the expected precision for measuring Standard Model Parameters and/or the expected sensitivity to new physics? How does this sensitivity compare to other existing or proposed experiments (for BTeV compare explicitly to what can be expected from the B-factories, CDF and D-Zero, as well as LHCb)? For each measurement, what are the uncertainties stemming from hadronic physics or other physics? Are there physics topics for which one of CDF or D-Zero will provide a significantly better measurement than the other detector?
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Physics P5 Comparisons
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