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Fault Tolerant Issues in the BTeV Trigger

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Joel N. Butler
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Joel N. Butler
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17 Jan 2002, 18:18
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17 Jan 2002, 18:18
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26 Apr 2002, 14:10
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26 Apr 2002, 14:08
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The BTeV trigger performs sophisticated computations using
large ensembles of FPGAs, DSPs, and conventional
microprocessors. This system will have between 5,000 and
10,000 computing elements and many networks and data
switches. While much attention has been devoted to developing
efficient algorithms, the need for fault-tolerant, fault-adaptive,
and flexible techniques and software to manage this huge
computing platform has been identified as one of the most
challenging aspects of this project. We describe the problem
and offer an approach to solving it based on a distributed,
hierarchical fault management system.
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held from 30 Jun 2001 to 21 Jul 2001 in Snowmass, Colorado, USA
Publication Information:
Submitted to the proceedings of Snowmass 2001
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