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These documents on Real Time Embedded Systems (subtopic of Computing) are available:
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BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4011-v3 Cooperative Game Theory within Multi-Agent Systems for Systems Scheduling Derek Messie et al. RTES
24 Apr 2006
4010-v1 Polymorphic Self-* Agents for Stigmergic Fault Mitigation in Large-Scale Real-Time Embedded Systems Derek Messie et al. RTES
07 Feb 2006
4055-v2 RTES/CMS Report on Work in Progress M. Haney RTES
13 Oct 2005
4048-v2 RTES/CMS Building+Testing Progress M. Haney RTES
30 Aug 2005
4002-v3 The RTES Project - BTeV, and Beyond M. Haney RTES
08 Jun 2005
4034-v9 RTAS2005 / FALSE-II / SIGBED Shikha Ahuja et al. RTES
20 May 2005
3939-v1 L2/3 Trigger Prototype Farm at FCC Harry W. K. Cheung Trigger - Level 2/3
03 May 2005
4033-v1 RTES 2 CMS Activity Report Paul D. Sheldon RTES
02 May 2005
4031-v6 CMS-Presentation Ted Bapty RTES
Education & Outreach
28 Apr 2005
4020-v1 The Lattice QCD Project Non BTeV Author RTES
20 Apr 2005
4022-v1 The SAM-Grid Project Non BTeV Author RTES
20 Apr 2005
1994-v1 Prototype Process Semaphore Usage Derek Messie RTES
11 Apr 2005
2575-v1 Fault scenarios and corresponding VLA actions Derek Messie RTES
11 Apr 2005
2438-v1 VLA Subsumption SWARM Model Derek Messie RTES
11 Apr 2005
2606-v1 agentTool VLA specifications Derek Messie RTES
11 Apr 2005
1785-v1 Real-Time Embedded System Support for the BTeV Level 1 Muon Trigger BTeV RTES Group et al. RTES
21 Mar 2005
2339-v1 RTES Slideshow at SuperComputing2003 BTeV RTES Group et al. RTES
21 Mar 2005
2340-v1 RTES Poster at SuperComputing2003 Ted Bapty et al. RTES
21 Mar 2005
2338-v1 RTES SuperComputing2003 Trifold Handout BTeV RTES Group et al. RTES
21 Mar 2005
3996-v4 RTES DemoSystem2004 at RTAS2005 M. Haney RTES
21 Mar 2005
4004-v1 Fault Tolerance and Adaptation in Large Scale, Heterogeneous, Soft Real-Time Systems Paul D. Sheldon RTES
16 Mar 2005
3995-v1 Fault Tolerance/Adaptation in the BTeV Trigger BTeV RTES Group RTES
27 Feb 2005
534-v2 Document Database use for RTES Eric Vaandering RTES
Web Pages & Tools
19 Feb 2005
2515-v1 Cyberinfrastructure in Academia: A Case Study Paul D. Sheldon Grid
11 Feb 2004
1870-v1 Description of proton source and booster Peter Kasper RTES
Education & Outreach
18 Jun 2003
1404-v1 The BTeV Trigger: A Model Application for the Developers of Real-Time and Embedded Technologies Joel N. Butler RTES
17 Jun 2003
1868-v1 ARMOR-based Hierarchical Fault Management Zbigniew Kalbarczyk RTES
17 Jun 2003
1867-v1 Monitoring Software and Hardware in Large-Scale Embedded Systems Daniel Mosse RTES
17 Jun 2003
1866-v1 Light Weight Agents for Reactive, Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems Jae Oh RTES
17 Jun 2003
1865-v1 Design Environment for Fault-Adaptive Systems Ted Bapty RTES
17 Jun 2003
1864-v1 Design of Very Lightweight Agents for Reactive Embedded Systems Madhura Tamhankar RTES
17 Jun 2003
1857-v1 Understanding and Coping with Hardware and Software Failures in a Very Large Trigger Farm Jim Kowalkowski RTES
13 Jun 2003
1649-v2 Coping with Errors and Faults in a Very Large Trigger System Jim Kowalkowski RTES
25 Mar 2003
1002-v1 RTES ITR Proposal BTeV RTES Group RTES
29 Jul 2002
146-v1 Fault Tolerant Issues in the BTeV Trigger Jeff Appel et al. Trigger - Level 2/3
Trigger - Level 1
26 Apr 2002

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