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These documents on Ring Imaging Cherenkov (subtopic of Detectors) are available:
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BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4035-v2 Performance of a C4F8O Gas Radiator Ring Imaging Cherenkov Marina Artuso et al. RICH
17 May 2005
3923-v1 BTeV RICH Design and Status of Development Tomasz Skwarnicki RICH
21 Jan 2005
3821-v1 The BTeV RICH front end electronics Marina Artuso RICH
09 Dec 2004
3466-v5 BTeV Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector (WBS 1.3) Marina Artuso RICH
27 Sep 2004
3126-v2 Staged RICH detector construction plans Marina Artuso RICH
26 May 2004
2925-v2 The BTeV Ring Imaging Cherenkov Detector Marina Artuso RICH
Proposals & Reviews
19 Apr 2004
2828-v2 Particle Identification Systems: RICH Marina Artuso RICH
26 Mar 2004
1878-v2 RICH test beam vessel drawings Herman Cease RICH
Test Beam
18 Dec 2003
1511-v2 BTeV: Lepton, Hadron and Photon Identification Rob Kutschke RICH
EM Cal
05 Feb 2003

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