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Paul D. Sheldon of Vanderbilt University is listed as an author on some version of the following documents:
See documents with Paul D. Sheldon as an author only on the most recent version.

BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
4034-v9 RTAS2005 / FALSE-II / SIGBED Shikha Ahuja et al. RTES
20 May 2005
4033-v1 RTES 2 CMS Activity Report Paul D. Sheldon RTES
02 May 2005
4004-v1 Fault Tolerance and Adaptation in Large Scale, Heterogeneous, Soft Real-Time Systems Paul D. Sheldon RTES
16 Mar 2005
865-v6 WBS 1.5 Muon Detector Production Plan Will E. Johns et al. Muon
19 Feb 2005
1036-v3 WBS 1.5 Muon Detector Installation, Integration & Testing Plan Will E. Johns et al. Muon
19 Feb 2005
876-v9 WBS 1.5 Muon Detector Requirements Paul D. Sheldon et al. Muon
19 Feb 2005
3478-v11 Muon (WBS 1.5) Overview for CD2 DOE Lehman Review Will E. Johns et al. Muon
Proposals & Reviews
13 Dec 2004
3366-v1 BTeV and the Grid Paul D. Sheldon Grid
27 Aug 2004
3121-v2 WBS 1.5 (Muon) Staged Schedule and Cost Paul D. Sheldon WBS
26 May 2004
2717-v3 Particle Identification Systems: Muon Paul D. Sheldon Muon
Proposals & Reviews
16 Apr 2004
2515-v1 Cyberinfrastructure in Academia: A Case Study Paul D. Sheldon Grid
11 Feb 2004
2397-v1 B-Factories and B-Physics Paul D. Sheldon General
18 Dec 2003
991-v1 BTeV Muon Prop Tube Construction and Testing Paul D. Sheldon et al. Muon
13 Sep 2002
146-v1 Fault Tolerant Issues in the BTeV Trigger Jeff Appel et al. RTES
Trigger - Level 2/3
Trigger - Level 1
26 Apr 2002

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