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David Christian of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on some version of the following documents:
See documents with David Christian as an author only on the most recent version.

BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1384-v9 Silicon Sensor Radiation Damage David Christian Pixels
14 May 2009
134-v1 BTeV Web design document David Christian et al. Standards
30 Mar 2009
3901-v5 BTeV raw data format - towards a proposal David Christian DAQ & Readout
14 Jul 2006
4051-v1 FPIX2.1 picture David Christian Pixels
23 Sep 2005
4030-v1 FPIX2 for FP420? David Christian Pixels
26 Apr 2005
3812-v2 The BTeV Pixel Readout Chip David Christian Pixels
13 Apr 2005
3929-v1 Fitting a discriminator threshold curve David Christian Pixels
24 Jan 2005
3005-v3 Pixel Detector Overview David Christian Pixels
27 Sep 2004
3089-v1 Sagitta of beamline through the pixel detector David Christian Pixels
20 May 2004
2518-v1 Introduction to Pixel Clustering David Christian Pixels
Trigger - Level 1
11 Feb 2004
2297-v1 FPIX2, the BTeV pixel readout chip Jeff Appel et al. Pixels
12 Nov 2003
1420-v1 FPIX2 Specification David Christian Pixels
27 Nov 2002
1103-v2 The Architecture of the BTeV Pixel Readout Chip (FPIX2) David Christian Pixels
11 Oct 2002
1335-v1 BTeV - a dedicated b experiment at the Tevatron David Christian General
09 Oct 2002
1274-v2 BTeV Pixel Readout Chip Status G. Chiodini et al. Pixels
28 Sep 2002
1035-v1 Radiation Tolerance Tests of a Prototype Pixel Readout Chip For BTeV Jeff Appel et al. Pixels
16 Aug 2002
133-v1 Quantifying Flux for (Bulk) Radiation Damage Studies David Christian Pixels
08 Mar 2002
142-v2 Damage to Wire Bonds after Radiation Exposure David Christian Pixels
21 Dec 2001
62-v2 Development of a Pixel Readout Chip for BTeV Jeff Appel et al. Pixels
19 Dec 2001

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