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Rob Kutschke of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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BTeV-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
134-v1 BTeV Web design document David Christian et al. Standards
30 Mar 2009
3189-v1 Offline Softwre: Defining Some Components Rob Kutschke Framework
Software Tools
Software - General
Analysis Software
22 Jun 2004
3188-v1 Discussion Topics for Mini-Workshop Afternoon Session, June 22, 2004. Rob Kutschke et al. Software Tools
Software - General
21 Jun 2004
3187-v1 Welcome to the Offline Sofware Mini-Workshop Rob Kutschke Software Tools
21 Jun 2004
2538-v1 Physics at BTeV and LHC-b Rob Kutschke General
17 Feb 2004
2335-v1 The Physics and Technology of BTeV Rob Kutschke General
18 Nov 2003
2267-v1 BTeV Status and Physics Reach Rob Kutschke None
22 Oct 2003
1915-v2 Document Management at BTeV Rob Kutschke Web Pages & Tools
17 Jul 2003
1647-v1 The BTeV Software Tutorial Suite Rob Kutschke Analysis Software
21 Mar 2003
1599-v2 BTeV: What's New and What's Next Rob Kutschke General
03 Mar 2003
750-v2 Hadron, Lepton and Photon Identification at BTeV Rob Kutschke General
05 Feb 2003
762-v2 Overview, Status and Prospects for BTeV Rob Kutschke General
Beyond SM
05 Feb 2003
1511-v2 BTeV: Lepton, Hadron and Photon Identification Rob Kutschke General
EM Cal
05 Feb 2003
1510-v2 BTeV: Status, Overview and Prospects Rob Kutschke General
Beyond SM
05 Feb 2003

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